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Speed up land audit, govt told

Speed up land audit, govt told 


Stakeholders in the agricultural sector have implored government to speed up the land audit processes as a way of identifying idle land which can be utilised under command agriculture.

Land disputes need to be dealt with at the highest level to ensure more land is availed for production for the benefit of the country’s economy.

The land reform programme saw a number of people being resettled in various provinces with individuals getting farming land while some got land suitable for cattle ranching.

Government realised the escalation of disputes within the farming communities while acres of land are lying idle prompting the institution of a land audit meant to quantify underutilized land as well as the size of farms under full production.

The process is being delayed owing to funding constraints with the Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers’ Union executive director, Mr Jeremiah Tevera urging responsible authorities to speed up the process to ensure full utilisation of land under command agriculture programme.

With disputes at farms impacting negatively towards production, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture chairman, Cde Christopher Chitindi said there is need to ensure that stakeholders find lasting solutions.

Traditional leaders play a critical role in the whole land matrix but the new constitution gives them jurisdiction over communal lands.

Speeding up the land audit and resolving disputes will see the full utilisation of land especially now that command agriculture programme is expanding to other crops and livestock which will demand diligent land usage.

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