adapting to your market

adapting to your market

Being adaptable and innovating in your specific market is an important step in business. Markets change and we need to adapt with them. Avocados weren't a superfood 10 years ago. (We didn't even know what a superfood was 10 years ago.) Look around for what is missing or needed in your area (and grows well there) and you might just find your niche!

Finding these new markets is the challenge with any business, we just happen to be talking about farming. Being innovative in business can be challenging but fun. Here are 7 ways to innovate in your market.

7 steps to innovate in your farm business

  1. Find a need or market. (Use complaints or difficulties you've heard from clients to drive this need)

  2. Learn about the product; its uses, production and issues (Ask the customers)

  3. Talk to other producers about problems, solutions and costs they have

  4. Secure start up capital if needed

  5. Do the work - or get help if you need to

  6. Be prepared for mistakes and keep going!

  7. Be optimistic about your business but realistic (keep track of everything)


Find what is valuable in your market and bring that to your customers and they will keep coming back.