The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) yesterday announced that the 2019/20 summer cropping season officially ended on March 31.

Many farmers across the country had planted crops as late as February this year following a prolonged dry spell that characterised the first half (October to December 2019) of the season that saw early planted crops wilting, while pastures and livestock were also affected.

Livestock in southern parts of the country have been the worst affected, but conditions in northern areas is satisfactory.

MSD deputy director weather forecasting, Mrs Linia Mashawi-Gopo last night confirmed the official end of the summer cropping season although she acknowledged that some parts of the country had yesterday morning received some light showers.

“These are post rains and the series of high pressure systems that are continually influencing weather over Zimbabwe. The rains will pave the way for cooler conditions, as they bring cool and moist air into the country.

“Significant rainfalls were recorded in Guruve and Marondera, while the rest received light showers,” she said.

She urged farmers who expect to use rains for winter wheat cropping to seek advice from the Agritex officials from their respective areas.

“This depends on areas. For crops and other agricultural aspects farmers should liaise with their Agritex officers.

“Rains are not expected to continue and sunny conditions are expected by Friday this week,” she observed.