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Youths taking farming seriously | ZBC News Online

Youths taking farming seriously | ZBC News Online 


Young people are taking farming seriously by contributing to the country’s agricultural output which is traditionally known as the old man’s profession.

Many young people aspire to nurture their careers towards white collar profession and usually consider farming as a primitive profession only reserved for the old.

However, a group of young farmers are defying odds by committing themselves to farming which they say offers great commercial value.

Mr Benefit Washaya president of the Young Farmers Club Zimbabwe Trust emphasized the need by young people to take farming as a profession.

“Young people should study and understand the dynamics of farming and venture into the lucrative sector which is critical in rebuilding the economy,” he said.

Agriculture remains key to employment creation and industrial value chains hence it offers huge opportunities for young people, reflected the trust’s director.

“Youths are not treating farming as a pastime but recognises the vast opportunities presented to them.  It is crucial for government to urgently address concerns of young farmers,” Mr Washaya said.

Tobacco has breached its record output set in the year 2000 and this achievement could not been possible had it not been due to the contribution of small farmers who form the bulk of tobacco farmers.


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