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THE ministry of Lands, Agriculture,Water, Climate And Rural Resettlement through its youth desk recently launched the the“10 HA PLOT PER DISTRICT PROGRAM”and Sustainable Livelihoods Projects for the youths in agriculture Mutata Business Centre,(U.M.P),Mashonaland East Province.

In a speech read on his behalf at the launch of the programme minister of Lands, Agriculture,Water, Climate And Rural Resettlement Perrence Shiri said youth will be integrated and mainstreamed in the agriculture sector.

“The President of Zimbabwe His Excellency Cde E.DMnangagwa always urge youths to form groups and to be organized. The Ministry has a friendlyYouth Desk that is working hard towards youth integration and mainstreaming in the sector. The implementation of this program will be administered through the Ministry’s Youth Desk in partnership with the relevant stakeholders.

Zimbabwe’s Vision to become a middle-income economyby2030 is achievable
Because the government is investing in productive sectors and at the same time
Implementing sound policies that encourage investment as well as entrepreneurial

This vision does not take for granted the role youth will play in the Country’s advancement.

This vision emphasizes that a youthful population presents an opportunity to boost economic growth, increase employment and reduce poverty.
We want to develop farming communities of well-equipped youth that will provide us with solutions to them any challenges facing the sector.
We have been hit hard by drought and drastic changing weather patterns in some parts of the country recently.

These had a devastating effect on our farmers.We need young people who would
Enhance our preparedness and assist government in cases like these.”

Shiri said the progamme will be spread throughout the country and urged youth to form groups so that they benefit and contribute to economic development.

Youth account for 60% of Zimbabwean’s population (Zim-Stat 2013) and head of the Youth desk in the ministry Nickross Kajengo said “the youth demographic dividened” offer a dynamic workforce that is innovative, have a high up take of technological know-how and the ability to take on significant level of risk.

“The agricultural sector presents huge opportunity for the creation of employment to absorb the youth and ensure achievement of food security for future generations. Since our establishment in 2016 we have managed to push for a number of initiatives that support youth in agriculture bring more on board. We have undertaken workshops and launched a number of platforms that support youth in agriculture”.

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