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List of fast maturing crops for quick return farming

List of fast maturing crops for quick return farming 

  1. Rugare

This is a very fast maturing kale and after seeding you should begin harvesting your in 5- 6 weeks. However African Kale does not respond well to transplanting most of us use suckers which really do well. Thin at six weeks and then you can harvest the remaining plants as you would any other kale. Use plenty of organic manure for larger leaves.

  1. Cowpeas

If you are growing cowpeas for the leaves and not the seed, you should be able to harvest in about six weeks or at most two months. Cowpeas likes virgin soil or at least a lot of manure. So don’t be shy about applying manure from cows or chickens.

  1. Cabbage

Some varieties of cabbage will mature in as short as two months from seedling.

  1. Pumpkin

As long as you are growing pumpkin for the leaves and not the fruit, your crop should be ready in well under two months.Muboora is very popular at MbareMusika and can fetch good prices.

  1. Spinach

With direct seeding, spinach should be ready in about two and a half months. If you are starting with seedlings instead of seeds the spinach will mature a little slower because it takes time to get over the shock of transplanting. This crop is highly nutritious and one of my personal favourites.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes mature in two to four months depending on the variety.

  1. Baby carrots

These should be ready in about 30 days.

  1. Squash

Squash should be ready in 70 days which is quite a short time.

  1. Coriander

Coriander leaves take about at the very most six weeks to mature.

  1. Peas

Garden peas mature in 60 days which translates to two months.

  1. Beans

Some varieties of beans take less than two months to mature.

  1. Parsley

Your parsley should be ready in a record three weeks. You can even dry the parsley and sell it as dried which fetches a better price on the market.

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