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ONE of the country’s leading seed breeders Klein Karoo (K2) has provided a replanting guarantee through insurance giant Old Mutual for farmers who purchase its seed.

Under the seed replanting guarantee dry land farmers in the event of drought and other natural calamities will receive new K2 seed packs.

Farmers qualify to claim new seed in the event that the initial batch fails to germinate in the first 21 days owing to drought will receive the next smaller bag.

Both K2 and Old Mutual say the guarantee is now a prerequisite in light of climate changes that have increased occurrence of droughts, flash floods and cyclones.

The duo added that the collaboration will increase Financial Inclusion in rural communities and improving yields of farmers by ensuring they plant better and more adapted seed varieties.

K2 country director said the guarantee was a reflection of the confidence the company had in its products.

“The Replanting guarantee is a reflection of the confidence we have in our seeds, and if the seed is affected it will be replaced. Climate change is causing a lot of havoc so if seed does not germinate because of drought we will replace it”

Old Mutual said it was currently providing cover to over 4 000 sunflower growers contracted by K2 to produce seeds and the model had worked well in countries such as Kenya.

Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) director Bill Kiplin said the guarantee was a welcome relief to farmers considering the number of risks they face in growing crops.

“We are happy with the replanting guarantee as farmers face a lot of risks and we congratulate both Old Mutual and K2 for the scheme as it will go a long way in reducing the risks in particular climate related risks”.
Since it started operation in country six years ago the company has witnessed remarkable growth with its seed output having grown from 250 tonnes to the current 4 000 tonnes.

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