Women in cotton farming in Chiredzi have applauded the Presidential Free Cotton Inputs Scheme saying they are already reaping benefits with some venturing into small projects supported by cotton farming.

Women continue to play an important role in cotton production through their strong involvement in both planting and harvesting of the white gold.

For Chiredzi women who are into cotton farming, the free Presidential Cotton Inputs Scheme has been a major boost for their production as they are already reaping some benefits and some have started small projects for self sustenance.

With the existence of Tokwe-Mkosi dam a lot of farmers are expected to benefit including cotton farmers hence the need to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Cotton Company of Zimbabwe will continue to support farmers through the free cotton inputs scheme said Ms Marjorie Chaniwa Cottco Head of Operations.

The Presidential Free Cotton Inputs Scheme began in 2015 aimed at reviving the cotton industry and recently Cottco has been moving around the country distributing cotton inputs for the next season.


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