Farmers in Buhera have been called upon to value-add their agricultural produce in order to derive maximum economic benefits from them.

The call came out during a field day hosted at the Chengeta homestead in Ngundu area under Chief Makumbe.

For a long time, communal farmers in Buhera district had lost count as to when they last recorded a better agricultural season, but this year the rains brought major relief as most of the farmers are likely to have bountiful harvests.

The Chengetas are such one family expecting to harvest not less than 6 tonnes per hectare.

Speaking at the occasion, Agriseeds Director – Sales and Marketing, Mr Ivan Craig challenged farmers to engage in value addition and beneficiation of their agricultural produce and livestock in order to derive maximum economic benefits from them.

Chief Nerutanga applauded the government Command Agriculture Programme, saying it has assisted many communal and small holder farmers to realise sufficient food security.

The nation is anticipating a bountiful yield following the implementation of the presidential inputs scheme and the Command Agriculture Programme which the government rolled out towards restoring food security.