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Govt expects one million tonnes of grain 


Government expects over a million tonnes of grain to be delivered to Grain Marketing Board depots across the country, by September following the success of the command agriculture programme.

Farmers who took part in the command agriculture programme, are in the process of delivering the grain to various GMB depots across the country.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture responsible for cropping, Cde Davis Marapira told ZBC News that over 160 000 tonnes of grain have already been delivered so far.

Cde Marapira said the tonnage being delivered is expected to increase from mid July till August following increase in temperatures.

He said in the past few weeks the drying of the maize grain was affected by low temperatures which were being experienced in most parts of the country.

“We expect more maize to dry and deliveries will increase from mid July to August and we expect more tonnes to be delivered to GMB. We expect over one million tonnes by September,” he said.

The government launched the command agriculture programme last year with the primary aim of ensuring the country has enough grain for its citizens.

Last year the government had to import grain following a disastrous 2015/2016 farming season due to the Elnino induced drought.


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