Farmers in Hwedza are reported to be selling their cattle for as little as $50 to $60 per beast to unsuspecting buyers as the farmers try to escape the effects of January disease. The disease which is also known as Theileriosis is a tick-borne disease which has ravaged the area and has left many people without cattle.  Some desperate farmers have resorted to selling their cattle before they also succumb to the disease. Other farmers are reported to be selling the meat of the carcasses to butcheries and abattoirs without revealing the exact cause of death.

This tick-borne pandemic is a result of the lengthy time taken without dipping our cattle. So when farmers see cattle foam from the mouth, they immediately sell them at a paltry $50 – $60 per beast. You can see many carcasses on the roadsides and in some cases, the cattle would have died during transportation to abattoirs and are dumped on the roadside.


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