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Corteva Agriscience to revolutionise farming in Zim 


Globally renowned  agriculture  firm,  Corteva  Agriscience ,  has  extended its  footprint  to Zimbabwe by launching its innovative seed technologies, crop protection and digital agriculture, that will uniquely transform yield output for local farmers.

Lauded for its maize and soya varieties that have delivered greater value for farmers around the world, the launch of the Corteva Agriscience brand in Zimbabwe will see local farmers leveraging on productivity and profitability.

Corteva Agriscience is a globally renowned company with a wealth of experience that spans over 300 years in crop protection and biotechnology solutions.

Given the outlined vision to bolster Zimbabwe’s agriculture output from the current 0.9 tonnes per hectare to between three and five tonnes per hectare, Corteva Agriscience are introducing new and exciting seed production techniques that will help develop the maize hybrid seed to guarantee the achievement of this objective.

The firm’s knowledge on genetics and chemistry is also coming with a solution to the scourge of emerging pests particularly the fall armyworm that wrecked havoc on the maize crop this year, cushioning farmers from harvest losses.

Zimbabwe’s agricultural output is thus set for a rapid transformation through the launch of these innovative products launched in the country which will be distributed through the Pioneer and Pannar seed brands.


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