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Cattle Rearing a Very Lucrative Business
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Cattle Rearing a Very Lucrative Business 

Cattle’s rearing in Zimbabwe is indeed a lucrative business, because you can make money from every part of cattle (that is: meat, milk, hide, cheese, hooves etc). Despite the lucrative nature of cattle business, it is not so common in other regions in Zimbabwe  except in the North. This is because it is viewed as a dirty business or business for the illiterates, and this should not be so.


Steps to Consider in Establishing Cattle Farm

  1. Get a Land: excellent grazing land.
  2. Provide security by fencing the land to avoid theft.
  3. Construct a shed for the cattle’s to protect them from extreme weather.
  4. Construct suitable source of water.
  5. Employ herdsmen to take care of the cattle’s.
  6. Get an expert to assist you in selecting the breeds, to ensure you purchase healthy stock.
  7. Stock your farm with both young males (bull) and young females (heifer) for reproduction process.
  8. Get a Veterinary Doctor to guide you, especially for treatment and reproduction purposes.
  9. Separate pregnant cow from the herd, for special care and attention.
  10. Though the business is slow and steady, but if proper care and attention is given to the cattle’s, your profit is guaranteed.

Imagine the cost of an average cow ranges from usd 200 to usd 500, and cattle’s can grow to about 4 to 5 years, within this year’s you will make huge profit.

Therefore, this is just a way of encouraging big business investors in regions like South South, South East and South West to invest more into cattle production.

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