An Unverified post we came across facebook on a company called the Cattle Investment And pension Plan  This concerpt is great for anyone in the long run who wishes to purchase or invest in livestock , Has anyone dealt with these guys or and reviews ? drop a comment

The demand for pork in Zimbabwe is high, about 1000 metric to nnes per month. This is because Pork meat is one of these meat the world can’t do without.
It’s the most widely consumed meat and a lucrative livestock farming in Zimbabwe and all over the world.
At CIPP we offer you those big, best and high value breeds at very low rates.
You just need to register with $20, fill in the registration forms and begin to pay monthly towards the breeding of your number of pigs which just take 12 months.
On the 12th month we deliver the pigs to your farm/plot.
The rates :
Males: $20/month for 12 months
Females: $15/month for 12 months
Minimum is 5

Hurry Hurry and easily turn any idle land you own into pork and the whole land into profit.


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