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Be innovative, farmers urged

Be innovative, farmers urged 

Localised innovative strategies that can expand new markets regionally and internationally must be the guiding principle for both private and public stakeholders in agriculture.

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister, Cde Larry Mavhima made the call during the 78th annual Farmers Union Congress in Gweru.

Aptly captured under the banner: ‘Towards Market Driven Agricultural Transformation,’ the 78thannual Farmers Union Congress theme speaks to the vision envisaged by the new dispensation of opening up new markets.

Cde Mavhima encouraged farmers to increase innovation and emphasised on quality and standards in the sector in order to jump start the country’s economy.

“It is my sincere hope that this congress will come up with innovations and strategies to ensure a successful marketing linkage by addressing gaps and opportunities within the sector,” he said.

Senator Mavhima went on to commend the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) for coming up with initiatives that enhance as well as transform the agricultural sector to ensure maximum productivity.

“Let me also emphasise that without organised farming, we are doomed to fail and I applaud ZFU for your efforts. Please continue to support farmers so that we move away from rain-fed agriculture to perennial irrigation that ensures maximum productivity,” he said.

The Farmers Union Congress discussed issues affecting farmers.

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