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Are You Buying The Right Meat : How to easily tell the beef grade is correct

Are You Buying The Right Meat : How to easily tell the beef grade is correct 

i have deliberately omitted some grades here , i will write more on it later , its a shame most people just buy  beef because its labelled a certain standard without even knowing if its the correct beef grade.well here is a simple technique to tel the beef grade just by looking at it



 Prime Steaks


USDA Prime Prime is the superior grade with amazing tenderness, juiciness, flavor and fine texture. It has the highest degree of fat marbling and is derived from the younger beef. That’s why Prime is generally featured at the most exclusive upscale steakhouse restaurants.



 Choice Steaks


USDA ChoiceChoice is the second highest graded beef. It has less fat marbling than Prime. Choice is a quality steak particularly if it is a cut that is derived from the loin and rib areas of the beef such as a tenderloin filet or rib steak. Generally  Choice will be less tender, juicy and flavorful with a slightly more coarse texture versus Prime.



 Select/Standard Steaks


USDA Select Select is generally the lowest grade of steak you will find at a supermarket or restaurant. You will find it tougher, less juicy and less flavorful since it is leaner than Prime and Choice with very little marbling. The texture of Select is generally more coarse. Therefore, Select is not nearly as enjoyable or desirable.


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