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Animal rearing earns Chipinge man a living 


Animal rearing is a brisk business in lower Chipinge that is giving farmers who benefited through the land reform programme high returns.

After being allocated a piece of land in 2011, Chipinge businessman Edmore  Jiyamwa populary known as ‘Doda’ said there is no greater empowerment initiative than the country’s land reform programme after farming activities catapulted him to where he is today.

Doda who decided to come back home after working in South Africa said his success in farming has seen his cattle numbering 285 after starting his project with the sheep which now stands at 190 with goats numbering to more than 300.

Doda however said being a successful farmer specialising in animals require a hands on approach, additional feeding, vaccination and avoiding in breeding among other modern methods of rearing.

“I intend to increase the number of livestock to several thousands if given more land,” he said.

For Doda, hard work, commitment and continued support to new farmers is critical in boosting agricultural production.


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