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Adoption of castor plant looms

Adoption of castor plant looms 


Deriving biodiesel from the stalks of the castor bean can potentially save the country millions of dollars as the movement to replace petroleum based diesel fuel, especially in recent years gather momentum.

As the world moves towards the generation of environmentally friendly yet renewable fuel, millions of dollars can be saved from biodiesel from castor plant.

Life Brand Agricultural Services chief operating officer, Mr Isdory Kembo who has been spearheading the growing of castor beans in the country said Zimbabwe needs to follow the global movement towards generation of environmentally friendly yet renewable fuel to help meet the increased energy demands.

Biodiesel has many important technical advantages over conventional diesel such as inherent lubricity, low toxicity, and lower exhaust emissions.

“Castor oil biodiesel and catene in the stem, the blends could lower the cloud point value and increase the viscosity of the diesel. The depletion of the petroleum reserves, high oil prices and the limiting of greenhouse gas emissions make it wise to make use of biodiesel,” he said.

The adoption of the castor plant as a game changer in the agricultural sector is gaining ground with a conference slated for 19 October on how best it can be adopted for national development.

In countries such as India and Jamaica significant savings have been made after the countries set up biodiesel plants.


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