watched the podrace in star wars -well here is the real pod race , So it was counted today, and its a new record! 1893 pods!.That’s the kind of plant that’ll break my sickle bar in 2 pieces.South African Danie Bester Just did it

Danie Bester

*The 2040 Pod bearing Soyabean Seeds*
Here in Dannie’s own word commenting on his latest soya bean plants that broke records on having the most number of pods (for the second time !,
“A lot of guys have been asking questions, to sum it up, planting date, soil biology, and variety, those 3 things are the 3 corner stones, with a lot of filling inbetween.”
this is the variety , mainly found is south africa of course , follow dannie here on twitter @Danetidf


thank you all for interest

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